Influencers that don’t like social media

Deeped Strandh
3 min readJan 27, 2019
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Influencers that talk down being on social media is the most peculiar phenomena for a long time. Strange logic. And a great way to distance themselves to their audience. They seem ignorant to the fact they are big influencers because of one thing: social media. And they call their audience stupid.

I don’t know if you have seen it but in my YouTube-list people like Sorelle Amore, Peter McKinnon, Matti Haapoja and Sara Dietschy, CGP Grey and many more talked down checking social media. You get to hear more or less popular non-scientific truths about we are becoming stupid because of our swiping. All of them have concluded that they will lessen their own use of social media.

Read the last sentence once more. They say using social media is bad for you. And then “please subscribe to my channel and follow me on Instagram”.
I mean — those people aren’t stupid. They have built large channels by themselves, in niches that ain‘t easy to gain followers. They are great creators and doing great content that many of us value. But without hesitation, they mean that what their audience is doing: swiping through their content on Instagram, watching them on YouTube or reading their tweets is making people stupid and that they won’t do it. Because they have better things to do with their lives. How’s that for building a relationship with an audience? They paint a picture of themselves as too big to care for what everyone else cares about. They want us to follow and interact with their content but they don‘t want to see or interact with ours.

I think influencers have to better understand who pay their wages. It’s not the companies that doing collaborations with them, it’s not the YouTube ads. It’s the interest of people liking, sharing and following. Individuals that are doing just what they all think is dumb to do. People are commenting and hoping for an answer from the creator, or some recognition from them — that’s one of the reasons they interact.

The creators are victims of the tech-lash. The backlash of all new and shiny digital media. We see it everywhere and it‘s been around for some years now. Screen time is bad, social media is evil. Kids go out and play… They have no clue if it’s really that bad for you but somehow they go with the flow.

As a consultant in social media, I recognize the same way of thinking:

“No, I don’t use social media”

“But you work with creating content for your brand's social media channels.”


I think this is a bad way to in the long run work effectively with social media. Being part of what you create always makes you a better creator (or creative or strategist). Taking part in and looking at what your audience like, what other brands and creators do is crucial to stay relevant and interesting. Being present not only with your own content but also as an active commentator will give you new insights and build relationships in new ways. Being off social media isn‘t only downplaying your audience, it will fast make your content more introvert and less exciting.

A great creator or brand creative also have to be a user of social media. That is a rule that even influencers have to follow.



Deeped Strandh

Social media strategist for more than a decade. Photographer on my spare time.